Susan Sturman
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Corporate Events

Cheese tastings
While at the Ritz, Susan developed a love for French Cheeses, studying, tasting, and visiting cheesemakers whenever possible. She taught cheese classes regularly to diploma students and private groups at the Ritz on a monthly basis for over two years. She has since been expanding her expertise to include other principal cheese-making regions of the world particularly the exciting artisanal chesses currently being made in the U.S. Her cheese classes include an overview of the five principal families of cheese, where they come from, how they are produced; tastings from each of these families paired with appropriate wines and breads; tips on selecting, presenting, and storing cheese; and the etiquette of serving and eating cheese.

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Murray's cheese shop in NYC described Sue as:

"Bold, sharp, and intensely intelligent, this spicy instructor is not for the timid! Susan is raw, bluntly honest, and can sometimes be downright craggy. But beneath that strong rind lies a core that's pure caramelly sweetness with a velvety rich commitment to true hospitality. Her complex and well-rounded knowledge base developed through a traditional process that combined both formal education and real-world work experience--the first lends structure, the second a definite earthy quality (no dirty-hands phobia here!). After earning a degree in Public Relations from Boston University, Sue was inoculated with culinary skills at the Ecole Gastronomie Franšaise Ritz-Escoffier in Paris. Her professional talents solidified with catering stints (four years working in Boston, then owning her own company in Paris) and two and a half years as Assistant Director at her alma mater the Ecole Ritz-Escoffier. Ripe, mature, and with a yeasty eagerness, Sue opened Epicurean in 2002 which offers custom-designed cooking classes for small groups in their own homes. This vibrantly dedicated foodie is also a member of the Cheese Education Coalition as well as Slow Food's American Cheese Society. Sue's widespread gastronomic know-how makes her a versatile choice."